Pokit PRO

Measurement Unleashed

All-in-One Portable Multimeter, Oscilloscope, and Logger

Meet Pokit PRO

Pokit PRO is an all-in-one multimeter, oscilloscope and logger with unprecedented portability, accuracy and versitility. Free yourself from the bench and take your creativity to new places!

Pokit PRO connects seamlessly to the smartphone app to measure a wide range of parameters. These include voltage, current, resistance, capacitance and temperature. It also provides continuity and diode checking.

Building on the success of Pokit Meter with many feature enhancements, Pokit PRO is ideal for electronics, automotive applications, home electrical and much more.

Take your creativity to new places.

Proudly Crowdfunded

We believe in the power of crowdfunding to help bring our products to life and give backers unrivalled access in shaping design. It seems you agree, with Pokit PRO raising over $1.5 million on crowdfunding sites so far!

You can check out our crowdfunding campaigns below:

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Full-Featured Multimeter

The app brings all your favourite measurement modes into one seamless display. No lead reconfiguration, no knobs. Perfect for use in the home or on the go!

Connect up to four Pokit PROs to view different measurements simultaneously, such as voltage and current.

True RMS measurement

Auto ranging

Voltage: 10mV to 600V DC/AC (RMS), ±1%

Current: 1mA to 10Amax, ±1%

Resistance: 1 to 10M Ohm, ±5%

Ambient temperature: 1 to 60°C, ±1°C

Capacitance measurement

Continuity and diode polarity checker

Are you ready to be unleashed from the bench?

Multichannel Digital Storage Oscilloscope

An oscilloscope that small? Never before has this much power and freedom been brought to your fingertups in the realm of electronic test equipment

Pokit PRO's oscilloscope allows you to capture and display voltage and current waveforms in real-time

It also supports multichannel functionality. Connect up to four Pokit PRO devices and display signals simultaneously.

Sampling: 1Msample/sec, 12-bit

Voltage: 10mV to 600V DC/AC (RMS), ±1%

Current: 1mA to 10Amax, ±1%

1mS to 10s acquisition window

Auto trigger or adjustable rising/falling trigger level

Digital Fourier Analysis

Switch into DFT mode to view your waveforms in the frequency domain. Use Pokit Pro as a spectrum analyser with real-time spectrum analysis and max/min hold functions.

Whether you're at work, home or on the move, Pokit PRO is the only tool you will ever need.

Monitor Parameters Long Term

Pokit PRO functions as a stand-alone data logger. It logs temperature, voltage or current waveforms for up to six months, without a connection to a phone. Simply hook up your pokit and walk away!

12-bit sampling

Voltage: 10mV to 600V DC/AC (RMS), ±1%

Current: 1mA to 10Amax, ±1%

1 to 16000 points memory

Up to 6 months logging

Pokit PRO App

The touch user interface is intuitive and a pleasure to use. After using Pokit, you'll wonder why you ever needed all those knobs, and why all test gear isn't designed like this.

Pokit PRO harnesses the power of your smart device to process and display measurements and waveforms in stunning detail.

Find-my-pokit function

Smart watch integration

Scope measurement functions: Freq., Period, PP, RMS, AVG, Duty

Enhanced multimeter functions

Manual calibration

Real-Time Digital Fourier Analysis

Feature Summary


Ultra-Compact Design

Storable Probe & Lead

Integrated Torch

Customizable RGB Light Indicator

Attachable Probe Clips

Probe Tip Cover


Upgradeable Features & Applications

Open APIs

Ability to Create & Share your own Apps


600V, CAT III, 10A

Wireless Connectivity

Full Featured Multimeter

Full Featured DSO

Standalone Logger

Spectrum Analyzer Mode

Voltage, Current & Temperature


Replaceable Fuse

Rechargeable Battery

Continuous Acquisition


Setup Wizard

Intuitive Touch Interface

Easy Pinch & Drag to Pan & Zoom

Hide & Reveal Optional Controls

Measurement Cursors

Forced & One-Time Adjustable Triggers

Captured Data Export & Sharing

iOS & Android

Smart Design

Available in four colour variants.

Customise your indicator colour to identify probes and mulitchannel traces.

No more tangled leads. Store your probe cable in the body of Pokit PRO.

Illuminate your work with the integrated torch!