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Pokit PRO enhanced features

Pokit PRO features a multichannel multimeter, oscilloscope and logger that measures a wide range of parameters including voltage, current, resistance and temperature. It also provides a continuity and diode checker. Pokit is ideal for electronics, automotive applications, household appliances, and more.

It connects wirelessly to the smartphone app and is amazingly easy to use. Simply touch to change modes and settings; intuitive pinch and drag interface to inspect waveforms.

Extended voltage range up to 600VRMS

Extended current range up to 10A

Multichannel support. Connect up to four Pokit PRO’s to your phone to measure more

Continuous acquisition

Integrated buzzer for a faster response in continuity mode

Integrated torch (see what you're probing)

RGB LED to match App trace colours

Rechargeable (USB)

Increased robustness and water resistance for heavy duty use

Trigger acquisitions from the Pokit PRO or the app

Detachable wire clips and probe covers

FCC, CE, RCM, GS38 compliant

~160mm (6 5/16in) length, ~30mm (1 3/16in) diameter. ~500mm (20in) lead

Full-featured Multimeter

Pokit PRO is a full-featured Multimeter. The 600V range is perfect for around the house and on the go. In multimeter mode, you can accurately measure AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance and ambient temperature, as well as check continuity and diodes. Measurements are displayed directly in the app in real-time.

True RMS measurement

Auto ranging

Voltage: 10mV to 600V DC, 600V AC (RMS), ±1%

Current: 1mA to 10Amax, ±1%

Resistance: 1 to 1M Ohm, ±5%

Ambient temperature: 1 to 60°C ±1°C

Continuity and diode polarity checker

Multichannel Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Pokit PRO's DSO mode captures detailed voltage, current or temperature waveforms for display on your smartphone. Captured waveforms are displayed in stunning detail. Easily set triggers to control your aquisitions, and add cursors to analyse the data. It also allows you to operate on the frequency domain using FFT, for use as a spectrum analyser.

Pokit PRO supports multichannel use, connecting up to four devices simultaneously.

FFT Mode: Use Pokit as a spectrum analyser

Sampling: 1Msample/sec, 12-bit

Voltage: 10mV to 600V DC, 600V AC (RMS), ±1%

Current: 1mA to 10Amax, ±1%

1mS to 10s acquisition window

Auto trigger or adjustable rising/falling trigger level

Monitor parameters long term

Pokit functions as a stand-alone data logger that logs temperature, voltage or current waveforms for periods up to six months, without requiring connection to a phone. Simply hook up your pokit and walk away!

12-bit sampling

Voltage: 10mV to 600V DC, 600V AC (RMS), ±1%

Current: 1mA to 10Amax, ±1%

1 to 16000 points memory

Up to 6 months logging

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Pokit PRO
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